Simplify your 1 to 1 client systems

Do you run your small business on your own or with one other person?

Do you sell your expertise as 1 to 1 services?

Are you fed up of cobbled-together systems and your client admin taking up too much headspace?

Then I’m here to help you. Here’s how:

Free resources for a process or software check-up

Your Client Management Journey Checklist (free)

Give your process a check-up from onboarding right through to getting that rave testimonial. Download your checklist here.

The Speedy Client Management Software Audit (free)

See where you’re wasting time and energy with your software. Access the audit tool here.

DIY tune-ups

Map Out Your 1 to 1 Client Onboarding Process (£27 + local sales tax)

This pre-recorded workshop is for you if you’re not confident in your current onboarding process or it isn’t quite working for you.

I’ll take you through the steps to fully map out your onboarding process so you can spot bottlenecks and problems, effectively choose and set up your software, and decide what to automate.

30 minutes running time, but allow 45-60 minutes to complete your map.

Find out more about the onboarding workshop here.

Nail Your Client Offboarding (£9 + local sales tax)

Offboarding often gets neglected and ends up the poor cousin to onboarding. So I’ve created a resource to help you feel confident in your offboarding process.

I’ll take you through each step of the offboarding process, so you can take the time (once and for all) to decide the steps in your own process.

Find out more about Nail Your Client Offboarding here.

Get my eyes and experience on your 1 to 1 client management systems

Focus Day: De-Stress Your Client Management (£249)

Spend a virtual day with me to focus on streamlining one area that’s inconsistent and uncomfortable in one of your services.

We discuss your current struggles, create a plan to simplify it for you, and then you spend the rest of the day getting stuck into your upgrades, with me on Voxer for accountability and tech support.

3 Focus Days available per month during term time

Find out more about Focus Days here.

Level Up Your Client Management (From £775)

Get a personalised strategy to upgrade your full client management process (onboarding, delivery and after care) to save you time and energy, while also making life simpler for you and your clients.

A 1-1 consultation on Zoom followed by your client management upgrade strategy, plus support to implement your strategy.

Contact me to find out about my current availability for this service.

Find out more about Level up your client management here.

“I’ve put systems in place, but like most solo business owners, it’s been bit by bit, and was, in my view, a bit of a mess – and I knew this was holding me back from promoting my services.

Jo’s fresh pair of eyes was just what I needed, but more than that, her ability to translate this into a visual workflow, identify the gaps, and help me work out what I needed to do next, and in what order, has been invaluable.

Jo’s patience, support, technical know-how, and ‘keep it simple’ approach has been just what I need – and all with no judgment, or pushy sales.”

Julie White

Bright White Life

“I loved how you were able to discover what I needed (not what I thought I wanted), prioritise the most important goals for the day, and provide a solution I can manage myself.

I am so excited to start using our new behind-the-scenes client management systems. It’s going to free up some headspace, and increase the number of clients I’m comfortable working with.”

Laura Robinson


Not sure which option is right for you?

Get in touch and tell me what you’re struggling with right now, or book a discovery call.

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