I support thriving small business owners to level up your client management, so you can stop making do and start working with fit-for-purpose systems.

Headed into business… but which business?

As a child I watched my mum set up and run her own business, and I always knew I wanted in on that somehow. In 2013 I took the plunge, and left my job as an Editorial Team Leader in a large publishing house to get my first experience of self-employment as a freelance editor.

After a couple of years, I was ready to build something more. Realising that my skills were well-suited to virtual assistant work, I set up Streamlines Virtual Support in 2015, and have since worked with many different businesses, personalities and systems. As I immersed myself in the online business world, I eventually honed in on what I love to do best: make life more straightforward for my clients, and match them up to the best solutions and systems for them.

It turns out that I was drawn to the business of business.

I get excited about new software and the possibilities it might hold, but I’m always wary of recommending it far and wide. Too often I see business owners struggling with systems that don’t suit their personality and working style. And because I love the human side of business too, spending time figuring out the right solutions for the business owners actually brings me joy. I like making things simpler and better.

By asking the right questions I meet you where you are, at the level you’re at, to gently up your game to the next level.


After 15 years as an Editor…

I’m fantastic at spotting missing details and creating consistency. I’m excellent at connecting the dots and finding gaps.


After 10 years as an Editorial Project Manager…

I know systems and workflow. I love simplifying and I’m always on the lookout for innovative ways to optimise processes.


And after 7 years as a team leader, mentor, and mentor matchmaker...

I love getting to know people and matching them with the best tools and opportunities to suit their style and their needs.

I’m drawn to creating systems that work for people.

The five Streamlines Virtual Support Values


Efficiency: make things straightforward with minimum hassle


Consistency: make things easy by being repeatable


Fairness: give everyone the same opportunity, regardless of experience or comfort with tech


Empathy and support: meet my clients where they are now


Minimal waste: aim to reduce waste wherever I can, whether that’s time, money, energy or resources

Want to know what else goes on behind the scenes?

This is where I’m meant to say that in my spare time I love reading fiction, dancing, singing and travelling. But since creating my business, I’ve also created two small humans of my own. Spare time is in extremely short supply and returning to these hobbies is a work in progress. I do love a bit of bedtime reading though, preferably a book that takes me to a distant place and culture – an unfamiliar country, a different time or even another planet.

I’ve adopted Scotland as my home country but was born and brought up in the south of England. I still talk in the Queen’s English but can finally understand the thickest Glaswegian accents.

I’m definitely a geek, having achieved my certified geek status with a 1st class degree in Maths with Computer Science.

How do you know if you’re ready to level up your client management?

However well-intentioned you were when you started your small business, your systems will naturally evolve (or be cobbled together) over time. It’s extremely easy to find you’re putting up with a functional botch job of a system – one that gets you through your interactions with clients and potential clients, but feels unruly and adds to your mental load.

If that feels all too familiar, I’m here to smooth out your client management systems so you have easy-to-use processes that work well for you, and give your clients the best possible experience. I get to know you and your business and figure out what will work best for you.

Your Client Management Journey Checklist

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