7 Steps to Prioritise Your Email and Take Control of Your Inbox

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Your social enterprise is making a real difference in people’s lives. You’re not in it for the profit, but the profit helps you build and become sustainable over time. I have huge admiration for you and would like to help where I can.

Jo Shock Virtual Assistant

But you’re stressed and overwhelmed.

You’re excited for the future but you’re worried and tired too.

You don’t have time for everything and you’re worried about letting people down. There could be a great opportunity out there to make more of this and to stabilise it for the future, but you don’t have time to look, to think, to check.

I can give you back the time to take a breath.

By helping you to streamline your business, I can bring order and structure into your overwhelmed and chaotic mind.

I can simplify tasks for you and take them off your hand, but I can also be your second brain so there are two pairs of eyes watching for opportunities and two pairs of hands keeping everything going.

Jo Shock Virtual Assistant

Having spent 10 years as an editor, I’m excellent at detail. And that eye for detail comes in handy – not just to make sure everything is accurate, but to spot details in the real world: to connect the dots and spot opportunities.

Having spent 10 years as an editorial project manager, I know systems and workflow, I know organisation and efficiency, and I know that working in a flexible and supportive way is essential to getting things done. Life is chaotic and I’m here to help create order out of that chaos.


I do this for the same reason you do.

I do this to help anyone in need of help: to spread compassion, create opportunities and make equality a reality.

I believe in the mission to make the world a better place for each other. I believe that by being compassionate, fair and non-judgemental towards one another, we can make our lives easier for each other.

I work behind the scenes to support you in your dream. I want to take small, annoying tasks off your plate so you can keep doing what you do best.

Virtual support to help good get done.