Do your client management systems feel like a drawer of tangled cables?

That pesky plugs and cables drawer!

You fully intend to tidy it and make your life easier, but instead you carry on making do. And you end up tugging at a tangled mess each time until just the right annoying, handy piece of tech comes free.

You have the same good intentions for how to run your business.

But your client management processes have naturally evolved over time, leaving you putting up with less-than-ideal methods and tech.

You keep your business running, you keep delivering for your clients, but you never find the time or head space to create your friction-free systems. And you definitely don’t have time to figure out if that latest snazzy system is going to solve all your problems.

Meanwhile your inbox is overflowing with enquiries and you’re wondering if you’re going to have to keep turning business away.

Hi, I’m Jo!

I’m here to help you create an effective client management journey in your small-but-growing business.

Onboarding -> Delivery -> Follow-up

I’ve got you covered!

Jo Shock smiling, wearing a teal-coloured top, with foliage in the background

I love streamlining systems and making businesses easier to run. I can support you to create smooth running client management processes that will :

-> save you time

-> give you peace of mind that you’re delivering a great service to your clients

-> and create more capacity to serve more clients without losing your mind.

Whether onboarding new clients takes you forever, delivering for your clients gets done but feels messy, or you never get round to following up with past clients, I will gently untangle the pain points in your client management and find the right solutions for you.

By combining clear processes with the right tech and outsourcing options for you, you will go from cobbled-together and struggling to handle enquiries…

to feeling calm and efficient with space to grow!

Level Up Your Client Management

After cobbling together your processes in the past, you’re ready to:

  • stop leaving money on the table when you have more client enquiries than you can handle
  • understand what to automate and what to outsource in your client management
  • know which are the right tech and systems for YOU
  • have a clear, complete client management process
  • save time and energy for yourself and your clients.