7 Steps to Prioritise Your Email and Take Control of Your Inbox

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I provide the following virtual assistant services to help you run your social enterprise efficiently and effectively.

I can help you:

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  • Get what you do seen online: I can pull together and tidy your regular newsletters and blog posts. Your audience needs to hear from you but sometimes it’s the small things – the tags, the categories, the layout – that get in the way.
  • Manage your emails: You feel swamped by so many emails but I can help you keep on top of them, giving you the time to stay focused where you need to be.
  • Get you set up on systems: Whether it’s systems you know and don’t have time to handle, or new systems you want to venture into, I can set them up, create forms, templates and automated email series, and get everything up and running for you.
  • Handle the back end nitty gritty: I can look after customer records, handle volunteer and member admin, write up case studies, edit and format documents and carry out research.
  • Keep the future on track: I can be your right hand woman, helping you plan and prioritise.

A word about prices

Every client and every social enterprise is different, so every project price is different. One-off work is charged at an hourly rate of £25 per hour, with the number of expected hours discussed in advance. For ongoing services, I create a unique monthly package of services for your needs.

Every monthly package includes a 1-hour Skype discussion to get to know what you do, how you work and what you’re aiming to achieve. The more I know about you and your social enterprise, the better I can help you!

Contact  me for a 15-minute Skype video chat to discuss how I can help you.

Then I will put together a package and price for your needs.