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Sophie Caws, Brighton & Hove Therapies

Jo is absolutely worth every penny! She is AMAZING.

I found out I was pregnant which I was really happy about but the realisation of having to get someone in to run my business while I was away was pretty scary for me, plus to make things more difficult for myself I was just in the process of changing/simplifying my business model.

Jo has completely supported me throughout the whole process and I literally couldn’t have done it without her. She has helped me put all my new systems into place, organised my emails, written a ‘how to pack’ for my new employee plus helped me with the recruitment side of things. Not only that, but she’s pretty much trained up my new clinic manager as I ran out of time and brain capacity.

I’m currently sat with a cuppa in my hand on my maternity leave knowing that Jo is supporting my new clinic manager so I don’t have to.

If anyone is thinking about working with Jo, you don’t need to, just do it, it will help transform your business. Plus she’s is so lovely to work with.️

‘Before working with Jo I was overwhelmed by admin. It felt as though I was spending a considerable chunk of each day doing admin instead of working on strategy and leading. Jo has been an organised ninja, meaning I can concentrate on moving our organisation forward. It has freed up a lot of time and headspace, knowing that things are in safe hands.

It feels like a breath of fresh air. Everything is orderly and dealt with in a timely manner. I can concentrate on business development instead of getting bogged down in admin. It means that since Jo has worked with us, we have moved on in leaps and bounds with projects, income generating and efficiency. I don’t know what I would have done without her now. It’s been eye-opening.’

You are a dynamo and an absolute star!

‘Jo has provided me with structure and a clear way to build my business, where previously I felt like I lacked structure and was getting bogged down in the details (which really isn’t my strength). I was putting off lots of things due to this but I can now focus on growing my business. Jo has also been invaluable in giving me honest, practical advice on how I can improve my systems. Essentially, Jo has helped this disorganised freelancer get her business in order.

Having someone who understands how my business works and can help me shape ideas has really helped too. In fact, Jo was able to spot an opportunity I had missed for a while.

Jo is a highly knowledgeable, organised and efficient Virtual Assistant. I love how she works through easy systems (email is my enemy!) providing support, advice and suggestions and always looking for ways to help me improve my business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others (and in fact already have). If you’re creative and lack organisation, Jo is a godsend.’

‘Jo has single-handledly streamlined my customer experience, and made it so I know my clients are supported and taken care of with minimal ongoing work for me in the future, so I can focus on growth and creating new content and programs for them. It’s a relief knowing that I have systems in place that allow me to grow. This is 100% because of the work Jo did for me. Before working with Jo, I wasn’t even sure what needed to be organized and figured out. I knew the experience I wanted my customers to have, but I had no idea how to put it together or begin thinking of an organization plan until Jo started asking me questions. She made it all seem so easy!

I feel so much at ease now and ready to focus on growth. I feel like I can now do the things that I actually enjoy doing like creating new content, marketing, and working with my clients without feeling bogged down with the nitty gritty. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders.

Our work together was SO much more than I ever expected. I wasn’t really sure what I really needed until we got started together. And then from there – it just skyrocketed into this incredibly fulfilling project that left me feeling confident and at ease about my systems in place.

If you’re thinking of hiring Jo, do it today. Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for Jo to help you with – she will help you in ways that you didn’t think possible. She is so much more than a Virtual Assistant – she’s like a business partner and a systems guru. She took something I had in my head about what I wanted my business to be and brought it to life and created steps to accomplish each task (for both of us!). It was so collaborative – which I didn’t think of before when I thought of a Virtual Assistant.’

Before working with Jo, I was feeling overwhelmed, especially with the number of emails I get, and generally like the admin side of my business was taking over!

Jo has taken on answering all of my contact emails from my site, dealing with customer enquiries and managing customer service emails, as well as running my Pinterest account via Tailwind. In the past Jo has also assisted me by reviewing, formatting and scheduling my blog posts and newsletters.

This has helped me free up my time so I’m not as overwhelmed and I’m able to really focus on the income-generating activities in my business. It’s also helped me get more traffic to my website via being able to implement a good Pinterest strategy.

The biggest impact of working with Jo has been feeling like I have more time. It’s also had a really positive impact on my mental wellbeing as I don’t feel like I’m having to manage everything on my own.

It can be a big step to hire a VA, but Jo is extremely professional and efficient and you won’t be let down. She’s also really good at making sure that she’s working for you in the best way, and will talk through how you run your business now to figure out where she’ll have the most impact. Jo is amazing and will be such an asset to you and your business.

Laura Agar Wilson, Wholeheartedly Laura

Jo is an angel in human form. I’ve known her for a few years, but I resisted hiring her for a while as I didn’t feel I deserved to have it so easy. Jo’s an angel because she is totally unflapped by the quirky way I go about things.

I hire her to remove the hideous horribleness of feeling I have a simple task to do and it taking hours of hell because of some emotional block. It’s the blocked feeling I want help with most and without feeling that is released, I wouldn’t get my time back. Jo’s just calm and gets on with everything.

Rosie Slosek, The Money Haven

You have been absolutely amazing and you have seriously made more of a difference than you could have ever realised. If I hadn’t have spoken to you, I would never have gone ahead with my challenge or set up my nurture sequence. I have felt so much more confident knowing that you were helping me with these things.

Support for the swamped

Admin for the altruistic

Precision for the passionate