5 keys to a great client experience

Client relationships and romantic relationships have a lot in common.

Because in both romantic love and client love, you need to get the basics right.

Your new date might be lots of fun and shower you with gifts. But if you move in together and find out they won’t do the basics – like taking the bins out on their turn – then you probably don’t have a recipe for long term happiness.

In client relationships you need to get the basics right too before adding extras and bedazzling your clients with your charm.

There are 5 key things to get right to give your clients a great experience.

These are the things that lead to long term happiness – whether you work with a client for years, or they’re just referring you to other people for years:

1. Have processes and systems that are easy to use

These should be so easy to use that your clients barely notice them working in the background. Every step is straightforward and accessible.

    2. Deliver your excellent expertise in good time, and make the client feel they’ve got value for their money

    This isn’t about low prices or breaking your neck to meet impossible deadlines, but client should feel they’ve got exactly what they need, when they need it and that they haven’t overpaid for it.

    3. Communicate clearly so your client is never in doubt about what’s happening

    Your client should know exactly what you’re going to deliver and when, but you also need to communicate any problems straightaway and discuss sticking points in a clear and friendly way.

    4. Create an appropriately comfortable relationship with your client

    Whether this relationship is formal or relaxed depends on your industry, your client and you, but you want it to feel appropriate and comfortable for your client.

    And a part of this is making sure clients feel listened to, through welcoming formal and informal feedback.

    5. Celebrate your clients’ achievements after working with you

    Client used the landing page you built to sell out a course? Got a new job after working with you?

    Then show them that you’re invested in that outcome too! You can choose to celebrate publicly or privately, but make sure they know that their success is important to you too.

    Once you have these factors locked down, then you can choose to add extra magic touches to your client experience.

    But get the basics right first. You won’t have clients singing your praises for throwing them a bonus if you’ve underwhelmed them in every other area. The magic is the cherry on top, not a sticking plaster.

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