3 ways to avoid ‘update CRM system’ being just another tick list task

When you don’t have sales and operations people (it’s just you), it’s easy to keep putting off those non-urgent tasks. Even if they’re going to help in the long run.

Here’s 3 ways to make it easier to update your CRM system:

Understand WHY you have it

It’s to feed information TO YOU.

So that you:
– know where clients are in your pipeline
– know what needs doing for each client
– have all your clients’ information in one place.

It is not there for typing practice or to be a black hole of information.

Less typing. More extracting of useful information.

For example, in my CRM system I tag everyone with the work they do. That way I can see any emerging trends, or whether people from particular industries need help with specific things. Then I can tailor my marketing and services more closely to what my clients actually need.


When choosing a CRM system, make sure it can talk to your current systems, either through native integrations or a program like Zapier.

And then actually set up and use those integrations.

Set up the browser extension and the email integration. And use them.


Where do potential clients come into your ecosystem: through a form? Through an email? Through social media?

Automate that as the entry point for clients into your CRM system.

Where does your task list live? How can you integrate your onboarding tasks into your current task list?

Perhaps it’s using the same system for both. Or perhaps it’s adding onboarding tasks from your CRM system into your task list automatically.

The bottom line is: start with your current ecosystem and make your CRM system work for you.

Is ‘update CRM’ sitting on your To Do list?

And if you’re not sure which CRM system is right for you, check out my blog on ‘Which Style of CRM System is Best for Your Service-based Small Business?

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